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Introducing the

Super Heroes behind

The SuperFood Curry Company


Superfood Curry
Superfood curry

What is

The SuperFood Curry Company?

If you already know us, you’ll know that we are the faces behind "Cinnamon Travelling Café’ – providers of multi-award winning Indian, Caribbean and fusion soul and street food. For almost 5 years we have catered for festivals, parties, corporate do’s, home delivery and Indian and Caribbean high teas.


So many people we talk to think they cannot eat many curry dishes, ethnic food or cakes because of their extra dietary needs. Our mission is to demonstrate that healthy ethnic food doesn’t need to compromise on flavour, that most basic dishes can be made accessible to all and accommodate any dietary requirement. We are super excited to be able to widen our menus making them accessible to all.


The emphasis is on health; high quality ingredients and amazing flavours. We will of course still have our traditional curries and dishes that are so popular with our existing customers.


We specialise in our favourite way of eating - STREET & SOUL FOOD, which traditionally is a more snack based menu eaten alongside tea or your favourite alcoholic beverage. This is where our Ethnic High Teas have made their mark, marrying the style and taste of street food into a traditional English experience!  


Our delicious cakes can be made gluten, wheat and sugar free and we can substitute starch-based products like rice for other tasty alternatives such as spiced and riced cauliflower, celeriac and other low carb gluten free ingredients. In addition, we have a great vegan menu.


Why are we the right superheroes for the job?


Alongside our obvious love of food, The SuperFood heroes have been living with a variety of specialized diets for some time now. To cater for both our and our families’ dietary needs, we have been cooking for vegetarian/ sugar/ gluten/ dairy/ wheat/ starch and carb free diets for many years. We are constantly developing new home made tasty meals for our families that accommodate these dietary needs, so it makes sense to incorporate this into our business vision.


We know how hard it is to eat ‘normally’ and well, whilst maintaining a high standard of taste and consistency. We have lived through the recipe failures and all the ups and downs of adapting and maintaining a restrictive diet for both adults and children and have come out the other side with successful recipes that don’t make our families feel like they are missing out on anything. Quite the opposite in fact. Our children also love our food!

The SuperFood Heroes


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